Kampar 2012 Aims

Name of City Kampar
Population 120,000 (2010)
Waste Generated 120 tonnes/day (2010) 40% organic
Reduction Target 14% target by the end of 2014, 22% target by the end of 2020
Proposed Activities to Achieve the Target
  • Upgrade the compost centre at landfill to enlarge the capacity from 5.5 tonnes to approx. 10 tonnes/month
  • Replicate compost activities to 3 new housing areas to achieve an accumulated total of 400 houses in 7 housing areas 
  • 3R activities to be introduced to 3 kindergartens
  • Set up 2 pilot oil waste collection centres
Proposed Activities to Address Weaknesses
  • Create a specific unit to handle this project
  • Apply for funding to the federal/state governments
Proposed Activities to Mitigate Threats Hold more education activities in order to involve more people and local authorities in community based solid waste management
       -  training, seminar, exhibition to be held using Local Agenda 21 (LA21) platform
Monitoring/Coordination Mechanism
  • Proper data collection
  • Monthly meeting for progress monitoring (Town service department, committee under the LA21 platform)
External Risks Federation of solid waste management issues
      - concentrate handling until further direction

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